About the I ♥ Public Transit Campaign

“I ♥ Public Transit” is a public awareness campaign aiming to promote the use of and support for public transportation in Canada. Through canvassing and outreach, a dedicated group of volunteers are working to engage the many Canadians who rely on public transit and desperately want real improvements to be made for the good of their communities and for the entire country.

The lack of federal concern for escalating traffic gridlock and our increasingly overburdened transit system is slowly chipping away at national economic productivity to the tune of $10 billion every year. This stands in direct contrast to the investments that many of our trading partners are making in their national rail services and municipal transit infrastructure, ultimately creating jobs for their citizens and strengthening their communities.

Furthermore, Canada remains the only G8 country without a national transit strategy. This long-term plan is crucial to ensure transparent and accountable funding that is not subject to nonsense partisan politics. Only then can municipalities securely plan and invest long term.

For more information on the initiative, visit the I ♥ Public Transit website.


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Yes, I ♥ Public Transit and want the federal government to enact a transparent and accountable long-term transit funding plan. I pledge to use and support public transit in my community and will encourage others to do the same.